Will my 2020 Team Camp Deposit be put towards this registration?

If you registered for our 2020 Team Camp we will put your $500 deposit towards this registration.


What is the total cost per team?

$1,000 per day/team

*You can register for one day or both days. If you choose to register for both days the total cost will be $2,000.


How many players am I allowed to have on my roster?

Roster size is up to each coach. The total cost is a flat fee no matter how many players are on each team.


Are there any discounts available?

There are no discounts available for the 2020 Summer High School Team Tournament.


What paperwork is required?

All required paperwork will be sent to the head coach of each team. It will then be the responsibility of each coach to collect all paperwork and return to us by July 1.


Can JV teams participate?

We would strongly advise against JV teams playing in our varsity team camp unless you are an advanced junior varsity team. Our goal is to be able to host a JV team camp at some point this summer. If we are able to do so we will communicate those details as soon as we have them.


What will the format be?

  • 4 team pools
  • 3 guaranteed matches, plus a crossover match
  • Games will be timed to ensure team camp stays on time  

Our goal is to be organized and keep things on time so matches do not drag on and there are no delays.  The schedule of each day will be provided in early July.


Will an Athletic Trainer be available?

Yes, an Athletic Trainer will be available. There will be certain fees for tape, etc. 


What time will each day start?

We will have a start time of 10 a.m. Teams traveling will be assigned a later match. Teams that are local will be assigned earlier matches.


What time will each day end?

Our goal is to be done by 8 p.m. each day.


Will there be prizes for winners?

Yes, there will be tournament prizes for the winners. The tournament prizes are TBD.


Can parents sit and watch?

Spectator protocols will all be determined when we communicate in early July.


Where do I park?

Parking protocols will all be determined when we communicate in early July.


Will there be food/drinks available to purchase onsite?

Concession protocols will all be determined when we communicate in early July.


Where can we stay if we choose to play both days?

There are various hotel options in the area if you are looking to play on both dates – feel free to contact us at indianavbtraining@gmail.com if you need options!


Who can I contact?

For more information and any questions not on this list, please contact indianavbtraining@gmail.com!


How can I register? 

There are two ways to register. You can register online here and pay by credit card or register online here and send in a check. If paying by check: Please make checks payable to Indiana Volleyball Training and mail to P.O. Box 2537, Bloomington, IN 47402.