What camps/clinics do you offer?

Indiana Volleyball Training always has upcoming clinics. As a general guide, we offer Summer Camps, Fall Clinics, Winter Clinics, and Spring Clinics. There are options for both middle school and high school players. Similarly, coaches clinics are available at certain dates throughout the year. To view upcoming camp/clinics dates, please check our website at www.indianavolleyballtraining.com

 Do you offer satellite camps/off-campus clinics?

Yes. Indiana Volleyball Training will host a clinic at a time and place of your choosing. Please contact Logan Grenley at indianavbtraining@gmail.com to register 

 Are there any discounts available?

Any discounts that are offered will be announced in the camp/clinic description page. We offer several different types of discounts. We will offer discounts for large groups, siblings, and offer partnerships with organizations. Please inquire for details.

 What paperwork is required?

Waivers are available at the front desk of one-day clinics for registration. If you have ever attended a camp/clinic for Indiana Volleyball Training in the past year, you do not need to bring any new paperwork. If this is your first time and you are registering online, your waiver is filled out online but you still need to mail in (or bring on the day of camp) a copy of your physical and the Camper Health History Form. The waiver is included in your registration. If you are registering in person, all required paperwork will be available.

ALL SUMMER CAMPS require a medication form (Health History Form) and a physical form that is signed by a physician. No players are allowed to participate in overnight summer camps without these forms.

 Where should I park?

Parking is available at meters in lots surrounding University Gym and Assembly Hall.

 Can I register at the door?

For summer day camps and clinics, yes. While this is not necessary, it is recommended to email Logan Grenley at indianavbtraining@gmail.com to RSVP.

Overnight summer camps DO NOT HAVE WALK IN REGISTRATION. These camps must be registered 3 weeks prior to the start of camp.

 What should we wear to camp/clinics?

Campers should be wearing athletic apparel. This includes athletic shoes, socks, sweatpants/leggings/shorts/spandex, and a t-shirt. 

 Who can I contact?

For more information and any questions not on this list, please contact Logan Grenley at indianavbtraining@gmail.com

 Can parents sit and watch?

Parents are allowed to watch campers for the entirety of the session. Seats will be available in the gym. We ask that parents do not approach coaching staff with questions until after the session is complete or before the session starts. 

 Am I required to fill out all of the camp forms?

Yes. Please fill these out to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answers to certain questions (i.e. position or coach) please leave this blank.

 How can I pay for camp/clinics?

If you are paying online, you can pay with a credit card. Additionally, you can mail cash or a check made out to Indiana Volleyball Training, LLC. at P.O. Box 2537, Bloomington, IN 47402. If you are paying in person, you can either write a check to Indiana Volleyball Training, LLC. or pay with cash.  

 Is there an ATM?

Depending on whether the camp is located in Wilkinson Hall or Assembly Hall, an ATM may or may not be available.

 Is a camp store available?

Yes. A camp store will be available during every camp and clinic session. Cash or check is the only payment option. If you wish to pay with credit card or want the product delivered straight to your house, please visit our online store at http://www.indianavolleyballtraining.com/store.cfm

 How do I get more information?

To get more information, please check back regularly at our website, www.indianavolleyballtraining.com. Additionally, please feel free to join our email list at http://www.indianavolleyballtraining.com/join-our-email-list.cfm   

 Will attending a clinic/camp help me for club volleyball?

Absolutely. The Indiana Volleyball Training staff has trained players of all levels, from beginning elementary students to Olympians. They have won multiple National Championships and coached All-Americans and Players of the Year. By attending a clinic/camp, your daughter/son will be better prepared to compete with other players at the club level.

 Is an athletic trainer available?

Yes, an athletic trainer will be at all summer camps. 

 Are game tickets available at clinics/camps?

No, these camps are NOT affiliated with the Indiana University athletic department.

 Can I show up late?

Of course. If a player walks in late to a clinic, someone will be at the door to register them and then she/he can hop right into the drill. 

 Are boys allowed to come to camps/clinics?

Boys are allowed to attend any and all clinics open to stated age range. For summer camps, please inquire about each camp.